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Enviro Estates was established in 2007 as the UK’s first real estate company to promote and market energy efficient homes. Since then, we have ever increasing numbers of viewers from the USA interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home or looking to market US real estate to Chinese and Hong Kong home buyers. Because of this we launched Enviro Estates USA. Our service is currently in beta but get to know us and we're sure you'll love what we do.

How energy efficient is your US home?

Get an energy rating for your home showing how energy efficient it is and the environmental impact in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Plus, learn more about what steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your home's CO2 impact on the environment

Known as an Energy Performance Certificate in the UK, this report is an official UK government document which tells you how energy efficient your home is by rating it from A to G (A being the most energy efficient). It also tells you what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home and how much money you can save on your bills. It has been around in the UK since 2007 when it became law that all homes must have one if they are being sold or rented.

It is completed by a licenced energy inspector who will do a physical inspection of your home looking at how it is insulated and how much heat is lost through the walls, roofs and floors. After completing the inspection, they will provide a detailed report which provides a rating from A-G on how energy efficient the home is and any recommendations to the owner on how to improve this rating.

You can view a sample of what this report looks like by clicking here

If you are interested in getting one of these certificates for your home in the US, please get in touch with us by clicking the button below and one of our team will be in touch

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Market your US home to China

Thinking of selling your home? Why settle for marketing just to the USA when we can give you access to over 90 million active Chinese property buyers

Marketing your property to the Chinese and Hong Kong market is different from marketing your property to the western market such as United Kingdom or USA.

The Chinese economy has published growth rates as high as 10% annual although this has been revised down to 7% in more recent times (2016) This is still rates higher than Western economies

With its strong cultural values towards family unit and savings of their income, over time we have so called Working Class Chinese who can afford to purchase properties in the UK for cash.

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China is a technological advanced country, reflecting the movement in how to market your products and services. Property is no different, with most Chinese buyers using the internet as the first place to start exploring buying overseas property. The UK is a hugely popular destination for Chinese buyers as an English speaking country, offers safe and stable economy and strong and stable property market, but also because it is world renowned for having World leading Universities and Education establishment.

Cash buyers (2016)
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